Personalized to you.

MAF Fat-Burning.

Lose weight and train smarter.

The MAF Fat-Burning app is a unique user-managed health and fitness tool based on nearly 40 years of clinical experience and research by Dr. Philip Maffetone. MAF (maximum aerobic function) is for anyone pursuing optimal human performance, including beginning exercisers, those seeking weight-loss and reducing body fat, to those who seek improved athletic function on all levels and in all sports.

An essential tool.
The MAF Fat-Burning app concentrates the essential tools of Dr. Maffetone’s approach into a simple, easy-to-use platform that can help anyone improve their health and fitness. Start your personalized program of improving both health and fitness, and feel better starting today!

Log, Analyze, Improve.

At your fingertips.

Health surveys.
Your responses trigger personalized ‘actions’ for improving your health and fitness.

Heart rate monitoring.
Train at your lower-intensity (MAF) heart rate to burn more body fat, improve health, develop endurance, and increase recovery. (Requires a bluetooth-compatible monitor.)

MAF Test.
Track your fitness improvements across time.

Dietary guidelines.
The Two-Week Test will reboot your metabolism, helping you burn more fats and become healthier. The interactive guide makes it easy to choose “YES” foods and avoid “NO” foods based on your needs.