Case study: Reductions in training load and dietary carbohydrates help restore health and improve performance in an Ironman triathlete

This case study combines the art and science perspectives of a clinician/coach (PM) and an applied sport scientist/physiologist (PL), with a combined experience in endurance sports of over 60 years.


White Paper - HR

MAF Heart Rate

This paper defines the MAF HR, discusses its importance, and relates it to other standard physiological parameters.


Marathon Running

Marathon Pace Prediction

All marathoners, from fast to last, predict their race pace, usually by comparing shorter race times, time trials, previous marathons or “gut” feelings. But studies show that the best predictor of race performance may be submaximal performance. The importance of accurate prediction is more than a game — it can help monitor training progress, increase race confidence, provide an invaluable pacing strategy and even predict injury..


White Paper Carbohydrate Intolerance

Carbohydrate Intolerance

Perhaps the most common cause of low quality of life, accelerated aging and chronic disease is the trio of increased body fat, chronic inflammation and insulin resistance. This white paper discusses the practical rationale for referring to the related dysfunctions associated with poor carbohydrate metabolism under the umbrella term Carbohydrate Intolerance.


MAF White Paper

MAF Introduction

A systematic approach to building health and fitness while improving overall human performance and preventing injury, illness and disease.