The MAF Team

Phil Maffetone

Founder & Chief Inventor

Dr. Phil Maffetone’s credo is that “everyone is an athlete.” As a health and fitness trendsetter, he has perhaps had more positive impact on a wider variety of people than anyone in modern history. From professional and Olympic athletes in virtually every sport, to average people from all walks of life, his system for achieving optimum human performance by tapping into the human body’s fat-burning system has helped millions of people achieve their goals in sports, business and life. Over the course of his career, Dr. Maffetone has worked with some of the world’s finest athletes in a variety of sports, most notably Mark Allen, six-time Hawaii Ironman Triathlon Champion. He is an internationally recognized researcher, educator, clinician and author in the field of nutrition, exercise and sports medicine, and biofeedback.

Nazar Musa


Naz has worked in senior management positions in many online, digital and ecommerce businesses most of his career, He was introduced to the MAF methodology by Phil Wing, MAF Chairman, who had used the methodology extensively in order to train for an endurance cycling race. After meeting with Phil Maffetone over skype, he was hooked on the method and has used it ever since, especially to benefit sports and health. As a passionate boxer, maintaining health and fitness is absolutely vital for him. Naz uses boxing to keep his weight down, but as a Type 2 diabetic, the diet and exercise component of the MAF Method has been invaluable in managing the illness. Some of his achievements include 4 boxing fights and having 4 children. Naz says “I don’t think I want to increase my number of kids, but I do want to continue boxing and so MAF will continue to be an integral support for this as I age ungracefully.”

Doug Marshall

VP Supplements

Doug’s background includes 40 years of experience in business, product development and manufacturing, including 30 years experience in China, working with start ups and established companies across a wide range of products. Doug was introduced to the MAF Method by a friend and has been a strong proponent ever since. He exercises regularly and uses a bike for transportation whenever he can. Doug says that one of his major accomplishments is surviving in a household with two daughters!

Alex Campos

Chief Engineer

An agile product strategist and realisation specialist with broad engineering expertise and proven commercial and management skills. Demonstrably successful in the leadership and mentoring of cross-functional teams working on proof-of-concept research, design and development, regulatory approvals, manufacturing and market launch phases of new product development. Equally successful in meeting commercial demands, from raising capital to the engagement of commercialisation channels, authoring market aware product roadmaps and marketing collateral. Having performed executive roles such as Director Design & Development, VP Engineering, Market Development Manager and Engineering Manager and blending such roles with board level directorships culminate in a valuable combination of extensive technical, operational and commercial experience.

Ivan Rivera

Product Director

Ivan is a former sports science blogger, fitness and lifestyle coach, and published researcher with experience in human development, linguistics, and systems thinking. He first discovered Phil Maffetone’s work as an overtrained runner. MAF helped him understand the problem and to organize his recovery, subsequent training, and work and life. He has been a gymnast, a runner, a mountaineer, and played wing and flanker in a small college rugby league. At birth Ivan suffered a catastrophic cerebrospinal injury that substantially paralyzed the right side of his body. His biggest accomplishment is overcoming it completely to become a proficient multisport athlete. An optimist comfortable with working hard and smart to achieve an ambitious goal, much of his outlook on life and work has been shaped by this injury and the trials of the long road to recovery.

Simon Greenland

Creative Director

In the past, Simon has worked with well-known bluechip companies (HP, Canon, Vodafone, GSK, Microsoft, Samsung). Simon was introduced to MAF a few years ago, and since then he’s been excited to apply his skills to a subject matter he’s passionate about. MAF can make a difference to everyones well-being and I feel like I'm making a small difference to peoples lives. As a keen triathlete (social), MAF has really helped Simon to enjoy his training. A sports fan and enthusiast, Simon played junior tennis to a high level and craves the mountains and backcountry skiing whenever the opportunity arises. He says that “I like to think I am a close fit for a large cross-section of the MAF target audience.”

Karl Kopp

Tech Director

Karl is a specialist generalist technologist focused on web and internet technologies. Possessing strong skills and capability in technical leadership and delivery of technical platforms and services, Karl has been building and nurturing high performance teams for more than 14 years, delivering profitable and sustainable outcomes for both internal and external customers. Karl has been Chief Technology Officer and Technical architect for multiple companies, and is a Monash University Graduate.

Hal Walter


Hal Walter has worked closely with Dr. Phil Maffetone for more than 20 years. He has served as Phil’s editor for various print and online productions during this time, and is also an MAF Founding Coach. He has used the MAF Method to achieve optimum human performance for a quarter-century after being introduced to Dr. Maffetone in the early 1990s. In addition to his work as MAF’s senior editor, Hal writes extensively about his experiences raising his autistic son Harrison. Hal is best known for his success at the obscure but extreme sport of pack-burro racing in which racers alongside burros run distances up to 30 miles in the high mountains of Colorado. He also is an avid mountain biker, cross-country skier, hiker, and coaches high-school cross-country and track locally.

Dr Geoff Parkin

Geoff Parkin

Medical Consultant

Geoff is an enthusiastic advocate of the role of physiology in the care of the critically ill, and has had long taught Monash undergraduate and postgraduate students. His research is in the general area of biomedical engineering, particularly involving mathematical modeling, measurement and control of physiological processes. A cofounder and Honoured Fellow of the Australian and New Zealand intensive Care Society, Geoff had a key role in initiating the early Intensive Care examinations of the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists, the world’s first postgraduate diploma in Intensive Care.