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MAF Affiliate

Become a MAF Institute Affiliate and be rewarded for sharing the gift of better health, fitness and performance

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As a MAF Institute Affiliate, you’re a role model and representative for better health, fitness and performance — and you’ll get paid for helping us share the message!

MAF Foundations Affiliates help us to educate friends, family and colleagues on the endless benefits of the MAF Method by sharing information about the course. We’ll not only provide a 10% discount code for you to share with your network, we’ll also give you 10% of the sale price for anyone who registers for the course using your affiliate link.

Apply today and become a MAF Institute Affiliate!

It’s as simple as Apply > Return > Recommend.


Simply fill in the contact form below to let us know that you’d like to become an Affiliate. You’ll get access to MAF’s Affiliate Program online resources which includes your personalized affiliate links, affiliate agreement, details on your Affiliate Dashboard, and some graphics and assets you can use to share with your network.


Send us your signed Affiliate Agreement and details for your Affiliate pay outs. We pay out for referrals via PayPal so we just need your PayPal email address. Don’t have a PayPal account? It’s quick, easy and free to set up at


Start sharing the message of MAF Foundations. You can use the graphics and content we supply you with, or feel free to tell your friends, family members, clients or audience about the course and MAF Method however you like. You’ll be able to see your referrals in your MAF Institute Affiliate Dashboard so you can keep tabs on how many people you’ve helped to get started!


Am I eligible to be a MAF Institute Affiliate?

The MAF Institute Affiliate program is open to all graduates of MAF Foundations.

How much will I earn for my referrals?

You’ll earn 10% of the sale price for anyone who enrolls into MAF Foundations using your affiliate link. You’ll also be able to offer your friends and family a 10% discount off the advertised course rate.

What’s the best way to promote the course?

You can share the message of MAF Foundations via your social media, by word of mouth, via email – any way you like! We’ll provide you with some graphics and suggested text but you’re welcome to use your own. We request that you DO NOT share the discount code publicly on your social media, website or other public forum — instead, encourage people to contact you privately for the discount code. This also provides you with the chance to see who is interested and follow them up, should you wish to do so.

How will I know if someone enrols using my affiliate link?

Once approved to become an Affiliate, you’ll find an Affiliate tab on your Dashboard of MAF Institute. Whenever someone enrolls in the course using your link, it will automatically be attributed to you and you’ll see them listed in your Dashboard. It’s important to note that it’s technically impossible for us to manually assign someone’s enrolment to you — they must register using your official link in order to be assigned to you.

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