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MAF Masterclasses

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Pick the brains of the world’s foremost MAF Method experts

The MAF Method has long been the chosen training philosophy for some of the world’s best athletes and top coaches. It’s helped frustrated age grouper’s cross finish lines and step onto podiums, and guided countless others to become the happiest, healthiest version of themselves.

Yet while the formula is simple, the journey to being your best can sometimes feel complex. That’s why we’ve assembled some of the world’s foremost MAF experts and coaches for the MAF Masterclass Series.

In these webinar-style masterclasses, you’ll hear insights on the latest research from the field, as well as strategies for applying MAF for optimum benefit. Learn how the pro’s bust through plateaus and personalize the method with their clients, and take away new perspectives and approaches for your own toolbox.

...A FABULOUS 90-minutes looking into becoming healthier, happier and more successful in athletic competition!!! LOVED THE EXPERIENCE!!! When is the next webinar?

We’ve got four content-packed MAF Masterclasses to get you started and we’ll be adding more over the coming months.

Every Masterclass is available to stream in both video or audio versions so you can watch or listen whenever and wherever you like!

Production quality was excellent - sound, video, organization, moderator, speakers, topics.

How to Develop World-Class Motivation and Achieve Your Goals

With Pete Jacobs and Mark Allen

If you’ve ever had a day where you’ve struggled to summon the motivation to don your cycling knicks or running shoes, then you know that motivation can wax and wane.

Yet, when it comes to achieving your goals, the determination to show up consistently can make all the difference to your results.
With a combined 50+ years of expertise as professional athletes and coaches to the world’s best, Pete Jacobs and Mark Allen know what it takes to develop world-class motivation.

Join this insightful masterclass that delivers the tools, tips and strategies from some of the world’s top-performing athletes.

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The Evolution of Ageing: Applying MAF for the Older Adult Athlete

With Pete Jacobs, Mark Allen and Hal Walter

The body you’re in today has been shaped by the collection of stressors, strains, experiences and events that it has encountered throughout your lifetime. And while you may still feel 21 on the inside, on the outside, your joints, strength, power and mobility may all tell a different story.

As an older adult athlete, your body possesses a deeper level of wisdom than the younger version, yet it also requires a deeper level of care, attention and personalization.

Join world champion Ironman triathletes, Mark Allen and Pete Jacobs, and Certified MAF Coach and world champion Pack-Burro athlete, Hal Walter, for this wide-ranging masterclass on longevity, health and performance for the masters-era exerciser.

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Eat to Compete: Nutrition Strategies for Everyday Athletes

With Dr Phil Maffetone, Pete Jacobs and Mark Allen

With countless diets and nutritional philosophies circulating in mainstream media, it can be frustrating and challenging learning to sort myth from fact. Myths, fallacies and misinformation abound making it exceedingly difficult to figure out where to start when it comes to planning and implementing nutrition strategies that actually work.

World champion Ironman triathletes, Pete Jacobs and Mark Allen, join MAF Method founder, Dr Phil Maffetone, as they look at researched-backed and experience-packed nutrition strategies for endurance athletes.

If you’re curious about carbs, eager to learn about race day nutrition, or have questions on supplementation, sign up for this valuable and insightful masterclass.

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Run Stronger, Run Longer

With Dr Phil Maffetone and Pete Jacobs

Have you been pounding the pavement or hitting the trails consistently for months, or even years, but are still disappointed by your times? New to the MAF Method and want to understand more about how it can help you improve your running performance?

Join Dr Phil Maffetone, creator of the MAF Method, and Pete Jacobs, world champion Ironman triathlete, as they unearth the common pitfalls for long distance runners, and the strategies and systems for solving them. Whether you’re a new recreational runner or an experienced multi-sport athlete, this masterclass is not to be missed.

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Coming Soon

How Heart-Rate Training Technology Can Give You the Advantage

With Dr Sven Rees

Tracking heart rate data is one of the best ways to become an expert on your own health and fitness, and one of the fastest ways to identify improvements.
With advancements occurring at an exponential rate, it can be hard to know which apps and monitors are the most accurate and reliable, which features are a must-have, and how to successfully interpret and apply the data.

Join Dr Sven Rees, exercise physiologist and co-founder of innovative health technology company, Bio-Connected, and learn about the latest developments at the forefront of heart rate measurement.

Coming Soon

The Science of HIIT: Understanding How and When to Incorporate High-Intensity Training

With Dr Paul Laursen

One of the most common questions from MAF followers is: “How does high-intensity exercise fit with my MAF training?”

If you’ve been patiently (or, perhaps, impatiently) building your aerobic base and waiting for the opportunity to include some speed, power or interval work, then don’t miss this exclusive masterclass. Leading HIIT authority, Dr Paul Larsen, shares the latest research on all things higher heart rate training.

What our past MAF Masterclass viewers say

Even though I’m very familiar with MAF, it’s motivating to hear about it and to pick up new ideas and information.

You provide an amazing collection of minds in the MAF Masterclasses!!!! We are soooo blessed to be able to tap into these incredibly knowledgeable individuals who have walked the walk and can talk the talk -- I truly look forward to these presentations…

I love listening to Mark Allen, and Pete Jacobs is amazing, too. I'm doing my first HIM at the end of June and really needed to hear all of this again.


How long is each MAF Masterclass?

90 minutes, includes guided discussion session and dedicated Q&A time.

Who are the MAF Masterclass presenters?

We’ve picked some of the world’s leading MAF experts, athletes, coaches and industry authorities to share their knowledge with you.

Dr Phil Maffetone, MAF Method creator

Pete Jacobs, world champion Ironman triathlete and performance coach

Mark Allen, world champion Ironman triathlete and performance coach

Dr Paul Laursen, author and lead HIIT science authority

Dr Sven Rees, exercise physiologist and health technology innovator

Hal Walter, MAF Certified Coach and world champion Pack Burro racer

Ivan Rivera, MAF Certified Coach and MAF Product Director

What other topics are coming up in future?

We’ll be tackling everything from women’s health, fat loss, and chronic health conditions, to specific nutrition topics, training and race day tips, and more. Email us at with your suggestions!

What other topics are coming up in future?

We’ll be tackling everything from women’s health, fat loss, and chronic health conditions, to specific nutrition topics, training and race day tips, and more. Email us at with your suggestions!

Pick the brains of the world’s foremost MAF Method experts

Buy Now ($19)