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e-learning Course


$499 USD

Course duration: 5 modules over 10hrs
5 part payment plan available
Full PaymentPayment Plan

e-learning Course


$499 USD

Course Duration: 5 modules over 10hrs
5 Part payment plan available
Full PaymentPayment Plan

“If you’re an athlete, someone who prizes their fitness, or you have a specific fat-loss or health goal, MAF Foundations provides you with the tools and strategies to help you apply the method, breaking through challenges and setbacks along the way.”

Dr. Phil Maffetone
Coach to Mark Allen – 6 times World Ironman Champion

MAF has been featured in

The MAF Foundations e-learning course is designed for anyone who values their health and fitness to understand their body and optimize their performance to get the most out of life.

When I first set out to share the MAF Method, I knew that one of the cornerstones of its efficacy would be found in helping athletes understand that personalization is key to its success. What I hadn’t anticipated was the way in which people of all fitness levels, backgrounds, and aspirations would be driven to understand the method at a deeper level.

Over the years it became apparent that followers of the MAF Method (of all athletic levels) have a thirst for the knowledge and strategies that I’ve been applying with some of the world’s best athletes, beyond the calculation of the MAF heart rate.

Dr. Phil Maffetone

Get access to Dr Phil Maffetone (the yoda of heart-rate training) in a way that has never been on offer before.

MAF Certified Coaches

Our expert panel of 5 MAF certified coaches have over 100 years of MAF180 experience.


The course comprises of 5 modules over 10hrs. You can complete the course at your own pace (within 6 months) and start to reap the rewards.

Weight loss to elite

MAF Foundations is aimed at anyone who wants to train with a heart-rate monitor and measure their performance.

Nutrition & stress

The course goes a lot deeper than just exercise. Nutrition and stress are vital components to achieving success.


If for any reason you don’t like the course, just let us know (within 7 days) and we will refund you with no questions asked.

Course Content

If you’re an athlete, someone who prizes their fitness, or you have a specific fat-loss or health goal, MAF Foundations provides you with the tools and strategies to help you apply the method, breaking through challenges and setbacks along the way.

You’ll learn a number of the MAF Expert Team’s preferred techniques such as the In-Depth Audit, a methodology of troubleshooting that helps you conduct a detailed analysis of your MAF Method application.

MAF Certification

If you’re a coach, personal trainer or health professional, this course lays the groundwork for a series of training courses that will be released over the next few months that will, together, qualify you as a MAF Certified Coach.

The MAF Foundations will give you credits against this certification program. We’re looking forward to driving your certification forward and welcoming you to the world of MAF coaching in the future.

5 modules over 10hrs

Module 1:
Introduction to the MAF Method

  • Learn the philosophies and concepts that underpin the MAF Method
  • Discover the scientifically-proven benefits delivered by the MAF Method
  • Understand the efficacy of heart rate training and the importance of developing the aerobic system for fat loss, fitness, and athletic performance.

Module 2:
Identifying the baseline

  • Learn the four step process of onboarding
  • Discover how to use the MAF 180 Formula to calculate your MAF HR and MAF Zone
  • Understand the application and implementation of the MAF Test, and how to perform it across a variety of modalities.

Module 3:
MAF Training

  • Explore the components that make up MAF Training and how to execute them within the MAF Method guidelines
  • Learn the steps for designing and progressing your MAF Training
  • Understand the baseline programming recommendations for novice, intermediate and advanced athletes
  • Learn the importance of adequate rest and recovery, how to assess your readiness for training, and strategies for improving your recovery
  • Discover the MAF Progression of Aerobic Development model and how to follow it on your MAF journey.

Module 4:
Stress, nutrition, and motivation

  • Learn about the role that nutrition and stress play in health, fitness, fat loss, and athletic performance
  • Identify the eating habits that may be limiting your ability to reach your goals.
  • Find out about the 3 types of stress and where each of them could be reduced in order to maximize your training outcomes
  • Learn the different types and styles of motivation, and the factors that affect your motivation.

Module 5:
Strategies for success

  • Uncover the hidden ways that your MAF Training can be unintentionally sabotaged and what to do about them
  • Learn MAF Certified Coaches top tactics for adhering to the MAF Method
  • Practical strategies for navigating progress roadblocks.
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“I've turned my life around by following Phil Maffetone's advice. Learning more about how my body works has empowered me to be the one in control of my health and performance.

The release of the MAF Foundations course will no doubt be a game-changer for athletes, both everyday and elite, just as the expertise behind the method has been for me in my competitive and coaching career.”

Pete Jacobs
World Champion Ironman triathlete, Long time MAF follower and Performance Coach.

“It is so organized and clear – easy to jump in and get started”

M.O. – Washington USA

 “I learn so much in this course. I love it!”


 “I found the 2 week test eye opening as I had no idea that I had a sugar addiction and how poor my nutrition had become.”

M.M. – Indiana USA

A.O. – Melbourne, Australia

MAF Expert Team

Over 100 Years of MAF 180 Experience

We have assembled some of the world’s leading MAF experts to bring you MAF Foundations. Drawing on decades of research, coaching know-how, and personal implementation, our Expert Team members have curated the best content to help you become an authority in the MAF Method.

Having worked with countless athletes from beginner to professional, there is not much they haven’t seen.

MAF Expert Panel

How it works?

The e-learning course can be done at your own pace and gives you access to 10hrs of video, articles, special unpublished materials, case studies and a moderated MAF chat room for 6 months.

However, the key component is advice from the 5 members of the MAF Expert Team (which includes Dr Phil Maffetone himself) who between them, have over 100 years of MAF experience to draw on.

The course requires a computer, laptop or tablet with sound.

A heart-rate monitor will be required to complete the course. Read The MAF Guide to heart-rate monitors.


What is the MAF Method?

MAF stands for Maximum Aerobic Function and combines exercise, nutrition and stress to build your aerobic system, the fat-burning engine responsible for fuelling all of the body’s needs. It is a holistic, end-to-end method that uses a suite of tools to assess your health, track progress and provide feedback based on 40 years of clinical practice and scientific research.

What is MAF Foundations?

MAF Foundations is a self-paced, online course that equips you with the knowledge and skills required to take your application of the MAF Method to new levels of mastery.

Comprising 10 hours of curated, evidence-based MAF content over six modules, MAF Foundations delivers proven tools and implementation strategies from Dr Philip Maffetone and MAF Certified Coaches.

Who is MAF Foundations for?

MAF Foundations is designed for athletes of all levels. It’s for anyone who values their health and fitness and wants to truly understand their body to optimize their performance and reach their health and fitness goals.

How long is the course?

MAF Foundations comprises approximately 10 hours of learning material.

How long do I have to complete the course?

You can complete the course at your own pace, at any time within six (6) months from the date of registration. If you need more time, additional fees may apply.

What resources can I expect to find in the course?

Articles, videos, audio clips, checklists, charts and infographics, case study activities, and more. A selection of these resources are available for you to download and keep, allowing you to build a toolbox of the most valuable resources along the way.

What equipment do I need in order to complete MAF Foundations?

Computer, laptop or tablet with the ability to watch videos, listen to audio, and download course content. You’ll also need a heart rate monitor. Check out our guide to heart rate monitors.

How does the payment plan work?

We now offer the option of paying in 5 instalments as you progress through the course.

Full PaymentPayment Plan

If you are looking for a shorter course that covers the first 3 modules only, check out the MAF Foundations Launchpad that will get you quickly on the pathway to putting the MAF180 formula into practice.