Dr. Philip Maffetone is a renowned health expert and has published extensively on topics such as fat loss, fitness, and healthy living. He has also coached and trained athletes in all sports. The MAF website is your user-managed health and fitness guide for full human potential.
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The New Hunger

| Fat-Burning Journal, Nutrition | No Comments

Even in societies with plenty of food, where people eat frequently, why is hunger a growing problem?


Research Paradox

| Athletic Performance, Endurance Sports, Exercise | 8 Comments

Studies show hard workouts quickly improve athletic performance, but if they come with an injury rate of 50 percent would you still do them?


The Gluten-Free Fallacy

| Fat-Burning Journal, Nutrition | 3 Comments

Just because grain-based processed foods don’t contain wheat doesn’t mean they are good for you — and they may be even worse.

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