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Dr. Phil Maffetone is a coach to world champions and renowned health expert on fat loss and fitness. For beginners to competitive athletes, anyone looking to lose weight and burn more body fat, MAF is your professional health and fitness guide to full human potential.

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Got A2 Milk?

| Health, Nutrition | 8 Comments

The devil is in the details when choosing dairy products

Marathon Running

Original Research: Marathon Pace Prediction

| Original Research | 33 Comments
All marathoners, from fast to last, predict their race pace, usually by comparing shorter race times, time trials, previous marathons or “gut” feelings. But studies show that the best predictor...

Nuts for your health

| Health, Nutrition | 15 Comments

The top five nuts and seeds to eat for better health

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iPhone App.

We have had over-whelming demand to beta test our new app that is currently in development. Thank you for all your support and feedback. All going well, the first release will be in the app store in June.

The MAF method.

The MAF Method recognizes we’re all different; there is no one magic diet or miracle training program. The best exercise and nutrition is a unique formula for each one of us.

MAF is individualized for you.

Burn fat for fuel.

Learn to achieve optimal health and fitness naturally without the dieting hunger, workout pains, or guesswork.

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