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Dr. Phil Maffetone is a coach to world champions and renowned health expert on fat loss and fitness. For beginners to competitive athletes, anyone looking to lose weight and burn more body fat, MAF is your professional health and fitness guide to full human potential.

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The Social Stress of ‘No-Pain No-Gain’

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Why following the herd is more likely to result in injury, disease and burnout.


Case study: Reductions in training load and dietary carbohydrates help restore health and improve performance in an Ironman triathlete

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This original research paper has been accepted for publication in the forthcoming July 2017 edition of International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching. We are posting this research ahead of print…

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iPhone App.

We have had over-whelming demand to beta test our new app that is currently in development. Thank you for all your support and feedback. All going well, the first release will be in the app store in June.

The MAF method.

The MAF Method recognizes we’re all different; there is no one magic diet or miracle training program. The best exercise and nutrition is a unique formula for each one of us.

MAF is individualized for you.

Burn fat for fuel.

Learn to achieve optimal health and fitness naturally without the dieting hunger, workout pains, or guesswork.

New grain-free pancakes

These delicious pancakes will remind you of breakfasts past, while swapping the wheat flour for a low-carb, high-protein and high-fiber meal with the goodness of whole eggs.
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