Dr. Philip Maffetone is a renowned health expert and has published extensively on topics such as fat loss, fitness, and healthy living. He has also coached and trained athletes in all sports. The MAF website is your user-managed health and fitness guide for full human potential.
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The Sugar Economy

UPDATE: The Sugar-Coated Economy

| Lifestyle & Stress, Nutrition | 10 Comments
Poor health keeps killing economic growth, but if too many people suddenly get healthy it could burst the big Wall Street bubble. (more…)
Big Sugar: Spoof Ad Mockup

Sugar: It’s The New Tobacco

| MAF Illustrated, Nutrition | 22 Comments
Big Tobacco companies have been ordered to purchase advertising in major media outlets warning of the dangers in using their products. Ironically, another even more widely used product — sugar…

The World (Cuisine) According to Phil

| Health, Nutrition | 11 Comments
The MAF Food Classification system is a simple guide to help you make wise and scientifically sound food choices, eat more naturally, avoid junk, and build health and fitness. (more…)
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Phils Shake

Phil’s Shake


Not just an ordinary smoothie. It’s got egg in it! MethodIngredients Step 1 Soft-cook eggs and allow to cool. Cut larger pieces of fruit and vegetables coarsely. Step 2 In…

Avocado Miso Salad

Avocado miso salad

| | No Comments

Avocado is the ultimate super food, making this recipe perfect for a light lunch that’s quick to produce. MethodIngredients Step 1 Mix well: miso, raw sesame oil and rice-wine vinegar….

Eggplant Parmesan

| | One Comment

A healthy, filling vegetarian staple of Italian cuisine best known for its rich umami flavors. MethodIngredients Step 1 Paint sliced eggplant with melted ghee or extra-virgin olive oil. Grill or…

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