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MAF Method

Personalize your health and fitness strategy by balancing the 3 forces that exert the most influence on your well-being: nutrition, exercise, and stress.

MAF Supplements

MAF Supplements - Multi Vitamin, Vitamin B, C, D & K

Formulated with real, fresh food in mind: No excessive dosages. No artificial additives. Active vitamins like those in foods. And filled with freeze-dried fruits and vegetables for a phytonutrient boost.



A unique user-managed health and fitness tool based on nearly 40 years of clinical experience and research by Dr. Phil Maffetone. Let the MAF app guide you to full human potential.

Dr. Phil Maffetone

Coach / Author / Innovator

Millions of people, from professional athletes in virtually every sport, to average people from all walks of life, have used Dr. Phil Maffetone’s method of maximizing the human body’s fat-burning system to achieve their goals.

MAF Method

Maximum Aerobic Function

The MAF philosophy empowers individuals with the tools and the guidance to develop and strengthen the aerobic system—the body’s fat-burning engine responsible for supplying stable, long-term energy, leading to reduced body fat, improved physical and mental energy, and resilience to stress and disease.

MAF Science
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Knowledge base

Over 200 articles, recipespodcasts and research papers on health, nutrition and lifestyle

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