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Muscle Balance

| Athletic Performance, Health, Lifestyle | 4 Comments

Many mechanical problems are a question of balance rather than of physical strength vs. weakness. Even biochemical and mental stresses can be affected by muscles.

Brain Game

| Health, Nutrition | 2 Comments

While many millions will develop Alzheimer’s and other similar brain disorders, it can be prevented and even reversed — something most health practitioners won’t tell you.

Overfat Facts

| Health, Overfat | 20 Comments

Ten take-aways from all the hype surrounding the world’s newest, most widespread and dangerous pandemic.

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Curry Stir-Fry

By | | 6 Comments
On a recent road trip to the magical town of Crestone, Colorado, I stumbled into a cafe where I had heard a Tibetan chef made exceptional curry dishes. I ordered up one of the stir-fry lunches and out came a steaming platter of vegetables and beef swimming in a bright gold sauce. It was amazing from the first bite.
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