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Fresh food is the best nourishment

We’ve designed MAF supplements to contain the vast nutritional richness of food

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No excessive dosages

Humans evolved to get their nourishment from real, fresh food. MAF supplements are formulated with this in mind: No excessive dosages. No artificial additives. The same active vitamin forms found in foods. And finally, our capsules are filled with freeze-dried fruits and vegetables for a phytonutrient boost.

Product range

MAF Multi

Our Multi is a vitamin-mineral-phytonutrient complex that can enrich your diet when you aren’t sure you’re getting enough from your meals.

MAF B-Complex

Our formula may be one-of-a-kind in that it contains all the B vitamins in the active forms the body can readily process. The body uses B vitamins to help convert food to energy, manage metabolism, regulate stress, maintain brain and eye health, and many other functions.


Our formula includes a natural dose of vitamin C sourced from organic, high-quality, freeze-dried fruits and vegetables. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that plays a role in the maintenance of all kinds of tissues across the body.


Vitamin D3, the most active of the D vitamins, forms the core of our formula. Our formulation includes vitamin K2, zinc, and magnesium. Combinations of these nutrients allow the body to utilize vitamin D to support energy levels and brain function, and enhance calcium absorption, metabolism, and other functions.

Features & benefits

Nature’s dose

Excessive amounts of nutrients in supplements may do more harm than good, outside of specific medical uses.

Our supplements carry nutrient levels like those of a healthy, delicious, whole-food meal.

No artificial additions

We keep it real. We avoid compounds such as fillers, binders, additives, lubricating and manufacturing agents, artificial colors and flavors, and other additions, including those we aren’t required to list on the label.

Freeze-dried fruits and vegetables

Supplements can’t contain fresh food, so we did the next best thing: we freeze-dried choice fruits and vegetables in order to fill our capsules. Freeze-drying is more expensive than more common high-heat cooking and drying methods, but preserves nutrients to a far greater degree.

Scientific Rationale

The scientific literature supports the idea that food is the best nutrition.

We made sure that the latest research supports the features of all our supplement lines and our choice of the foods and nutrients we include. We decided to begin with these 4 formulas as our research indicates they represent many of the most commonly-needed nutrients, given today’s nutritional and lifestyle habits.

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Powerful phytonutrients

Nutrition is not just about vitamins and minerals. The freeze-dried fruits and vegetables that fill our capsules are rich in phytonutrients—a group of thousands of different vital compounds in plants. Emerging research is only just beginning to uncover how they support the body’s function.

Active Vitamins

We only use active vitamins in our B vitamin supplements. Most B supplements contain Inactive forms, which must be transformed before they can produce the advertised effect. When taken in significant doses, many inactive vitamins have been shown to have adverse impacts on the body.

Real foods

Micronutrients and phytonutrients work best when they remain inside foods and in close proximity with other nutrients they can create synergies with. This is why we freeze-dry whole foods to provide you with their entire nutritional scope. We also stay away from the common industry practice of feeding synthetic vitamins or plant matter to yeast and calling it “food.”

Dr. Phil Maffetone

Coach, author, innovator.

Meet the maker

The MAF supplement lines were formulated by Dr. Phil Maffetone based on over 40 years of clinical experience and scientific research in the fields of health, fitness, and human development.

Dr. Maffetone produced his first line of real food-based, certified-organic dietary supplements more than 17 years ago. Find out why he has now released a new line of dietary supplements in 2018.

What is MAF?

MAF is much more than just a supplement company. MAF is method and a philosophy for how to cultivate and maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle, used by elite athletes and individuals of all walks of life. MAF supplements were formulated to fit in well with the MAF methodology and its principles.

It’s time for a more natural supplement

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