Mona Minnie

Mona L. Minnie

Female, Age 55
Clinton Township, MI, USA

Thank you! Your Carbohydrate Intolerance test is the reason I discovered I am sensitive to grains and sugar. I have lost a total of 142 pounds and my life has been transformed. I found your website by accident when I was looking for gym shoes! I have a weight loss blog if you want to read more of my story:


Dr. Benjamin Freilich, M.D.

Male, Age 51
New Jersey, USA

I am just someone who has had a lifestyle change to become healthier over the past two years. My success has been mostly a result of the advice I received from your books, as well as your interviews that I have listened to on the Internet or watched on YouTube. I am 51 years old and a physician. I am 5’5″ and weighed 180 pounds two years ago (in the obese range according to BMI), and was leading a sedentary lifestyle at the time. After reading your books I changed my diet, eliminating refined sugar and other refined carbohydrates as well as most packaged foods. I also started training according to the “Maffetone Method.”  I am now a lean and muscular 134 pounds and feeling better than I did when I was 21 years old!


Joe DeLeo

Male, Age 29
Syracuse, NY
NSCA-CSCS, FMS Founder and Trainer of Leo Training.

I have found success both personally and with my athletes in using Dr. Maffetone’s training methodology. The time-tested MAF 180 Formula has worked with all my athletes – who range from the high school to masters level. The MAF 180 Formula allows them to train in a holistic manner and continue to make improvements year to year. My athletes have less injuries, their best results, and enjoy their training more all while being healthier! You can be fit and healthy – the caveat is you must take a long-term approach to your training and being willing to commit to building a solid aerobic foundation.


Floris Gierman

Male, Age 32
Costa Mesa, CA, USA

With the help of Dr. Phil Maffetone’s books and website, I’ve cut down my marathon time from 4:11 to 2:44 in just a few years. His work has made a tremendous impact not only on me, but also on my family and friends around me.

I completely changed my approach to running by slowing down significantly in my training. For me and many other runners, patience is the hardest part of low heart rate training, but it really works!!! For my recent Boston marathon PR I trained 94 percent of my runs at a low HR. My runs are so much more relaxed and enjoyable now. I’ve also been injury free even with training peaks of 80 miles weeks.

I modified my diet by cutting out processed carbs and refined sugars. I’ve also learned how to listen to my body more and reduced my stress levels. My energy levels are now much higher and I no longer experience migraines.

I’m a much happier and healthier person because of all the things I’ve learned from Dr. Phil Maffetone and I highly recommend his work to everyone.

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Ivan Rivera-Dominguez

Male, Age 27
Portland, OR

Advanced runner and gait coach
5k = 17:25
Half Marathon = 1:28
Marathon = 3:17

I’ve been an athlete and a fitness enthusiast for a very long time, since I participated in gymnastics in preschool. The Maffetone Method has provided me with the perfect solution to protect myself from overtraining, to develop an aerobic base, and to do so naturally. As a running coach, Dr. Maffetone’s teaching has helped me monitor and manage my clients far more capably than before.


Hal Walter

Male, Age 55
Westcliffe, Colorado USA

Seven-time World Champion ‘Pack-Burro Race’

The World Championship Pack-Burro Race is a 28.6-mile run and scramble up and back down a rugged 13,187-foot mountain pass — with a donkey — and makes running a marathon look like a walk in the park. Since adopting Dr. Maffetone’s approach to training, nutrition and lifestyle in the late 1990s I’ve won this epic test of man and beast seven times, including the 2013 race at the age of 53 — making me the “oldest” person to win in the 66-year history of the sport, but the truth is I don’t feel old at all!


Gearóid Ó Laoi

Male, Age 65
Cork, Ireland
Keep fit cyclist for 34 years.

I’ve followed your training methods for many years and for me there is nothing which approaches its level of success. The restraint you recommend in training, for which I use a pulsemeter still, on occasions, really pays dividends. My story also is largely that of weight loss by diet. I was training all down the years but the low-carb approach produced the chap in the Yellow Jersey, as I now am. I lost 40 lb and am keeping it off.

Tracy Beth Høeg

Tracy Beth Høeg, M.D., PhD

Female, Age 35
Næstved Denmark
Physician scientist

Former member of American team and current qualifier for Danish team in World Championships in ultra trail running.

Dr. Maffetone is among the most innovative thinkers in the field of exercise science. He has created a novel, easy-to-use heart rate-based exercise intensity guide for people of all ages and athletic abilities. Dr. Maffetone’s training program differs from so many others, with its focus not just on the next race, but on a lifetime of healthy living and exercising. I personally follow his 180 Formula and dietary advice and recommend it highly to the athletes I coach. What is perhaps most remarkable about his program is the number of athletes who run personal best times at various distances without high-intensity interval or tempo training. Dr. Maffetone has changed the way I look at how to train most effectively.


Brian Michael Heaphy

Male, Age 51
Upper Yukon River Valley, Alaska
Wilderness Photographer (

Former U.S. Navy SEAL, competitive middle-distance runner, and solo flat-water canoe racer. Presently living a vigorous subsistence lifestyle in Alaska’s remote Interior.

I began studying Phil Maffetone’s teaching and writing on the areas of human performance and diet almost 20 years ago. Phil’s principles have afforded me a solid and necessary understanding of how my metabolism functions – and how to maximize this function for optimal results and efficiency regarding all aspects of living. While currently practicing a very demanding subsistence lifestyle in one of the most unforgiving environments on the planet, I am able to maintain acute awareness of my body’s needs and limitations. As such I maximize my output, and minimize downtime and discomfort. Whether it is 60 degrees below zero or 90 degrees above, I seldom miss a day of prolonged, vital outdoor activity – I simply cannot afford to.

Michael Lucchesi

Michael Lucchesi

I’ve been running since high school, got back into serious training in 2010. I was training very hard with loads of anaerobic work, had PRs of 14:30 in the 5K and 1:08 half-marathon in 2011, but was on tip of always getting hurt. After that, had bursitis for three years and just started running again in October. I wanted to take a new approach, starting reading up on you, Mark Allen, fat-burning, etc. My first MAF test in November was 8:39. Been doing nothing but MAF on swim, bike and run, and my MAF Test Feb. 1st was down to 7:09!