Phil’s Shake

Phils Shake

Not just an ordinary smoothie. It's got egg in it!

Step 1
Soft-cook eggs and allow to cool. Cut larger pieces of fruit and vegetables coarsely.

Step 2
In a good blender, simply combine all ingredients and blend until smooth.

Serves: 2
Prep: About 10 minutes
Cooking: About 1 minute

  • 2 soft-cooked eggs
  • 1 apple, pear, peach or the other in-season fruit
  • ½ cup blueberries (fresh or frozen)
  • 1 cup leafy greens such as fresh raw baby kale, cilantro, parsley, spinach.
  • 1 medium carrot and/or one small beet root.
  • 1 tablespoon raw whole sesame and or raw whole flax seeds
  • 1 one-inch chunk fresh ginger root
  • 8 oz. water

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  • Peter Busst says:


    I just wanted to clarify its ok to use fruit, as I didn’t think you could in the two week trial.

    Kind regards


  • Mike Harty says:

    Great site, helpful training advice on MAHR. For diet this will work for someone healthy, but not for someone with GERD or Barrett’s. Any recipes or advice that’s GERD-specific appreciated. The current thinking seems to be that an alkaline diet is preferable, along with low-fat. This is different from current thinking about the value of whole natural fat, and fruits that happen to be more acidic.

  • Tina says:

    I’m starting the two week test today. When looking at food labels am I looking for foods with no carbs and no sugars? I guess I’m stuck on what creamy salad dressings are ok to eat. In reading it states I can eat creamy dressings with heavy cream ingredient…although I have no idea what that even looks like as I’ve always looked for the “Light” or “Low Fat” versions of everything.

    • Tina:

      It’s really difficult to find creamy salad dressings in supermarket shelves that meet the requirements of the Two-Week test. If I were you, I’d see this as an excellent opportunity to start making my own dressings. Trust me, the flavor is far more spectacular, if you get it right.

  • Carol says:

    I am allergic to eggs and find that my body needs 25-30 gms of fibre a day. Do you count carbs or net carbs? I presently eat a mixture of hemp, chia, flax, pecans and rice bran with coconut milk (home made with only coconut) for breakfast. Would this still be ok for the two week test?

    • Carol:

      We don’t count carb calories at all, but we do try to minimize them during the test. Would it be possible for you to experiment with replacing the above fibers with plant-based fibers, such as those from carrots, heavy greens, and spinach? That would be optimal during the TWT.

  • Marco says:

    Is it fine to replace water by soy, coconut or almond milk (as long as there is no added sugar of course)?

  • Solomon Brathwaite says:

    How does one find a MAF trainer in CT. Greater Hartford Area?

  • Shridhar says:

    I am a vegetarian and eat eggs though.. dont find many options for my meals and in betweens meals..i sincerly wish to pursue your 2 week challenge as i call but am confused as am not left with many options.. since fruits and legumes are not to be consumed.

  • Stephen says:

    Hi there
    Just about to start the 2 week test. I wanted to know can we eat as many eggs as we like? Is it ok to have eggs for breakfast & lunch? Also, Christopher McDougall mentions in his book Natural Born Heroes that he got loads of hummous in when he did the 2 week test. Is that really allowed? Quinoa has now been ommitted too right? Is canned fish such as mackerel ok? Actually depends when its in I guess ie. brine, olive oil etc.
    Thanks in advance. Keep up the good work.

    • Stephen:

      We have disallowed hummus as it is a legume (from chickpeas). So we keep refining the food lists and categories for the test. Canned fish is just fine, except that it is better to have fresh fish. It’s fine to have as many eggs as you want. They’re one of the top sources of protein, for various reasons.

  • BenoitB says:

    Fantastic shake! I prepare one almost every day. However, I don’t like the taste the eggs gives, so I have replaced them by whey protein (I like eggs, I’m eating 2-3 eggs at breakfast usually soft boiled or fried, but I don’t like them in the shake).

    I havent’t seen any mention of Whey protein in your articles (or in the MAF iApp), is Whey ok according to you?

  • Kopper says:

    Can you use plant based protein such as Sun Warrior. Can you use coconut milk or almond milk and coffee creamers?

    My smoothie is frozen fruit spinach oatmeal and plant protein is this Ok?

  • Shaun Salley says:

    A gentleman by the name of Mike Harty asked a question about GERD and Barrett’s and if this diet applies when dealing with those issues. I did not see a response but would like to hear any thoughts.

  • Rosie says:

    Can you use raw eggs instead?

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