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Editors’ choice of the very best health and fitness features from over the years.

The MAF Method is a very simple concept that focuses on balancing health and fitness, yet there are many components. If you miss one you might not be seeing the big picture. To help you find your own balance, the MAF staff has picked out the 10 most important all-time articles. Have you read them all?


  1. The MAF Method: What It is and Where to Start
  2.  Carbohydrate Intolerance and the Two-Week Test
  3.  Seven Signs of Fat-Burning
  4. MAF-GPS Test (If you don’t use a GPS device, read What Is the MAF Test?
  5. The Benefits of Natural Folate
  6.  The sun and Vitamin D: Improving Athletic Performance
  7. Seven Steps to Better Health
  8.  The MAF 180 Formula: Heart Rate Monitoring for Real Aerobic Training
  9. The Overtraining Syndrome
  10. Sleep Well and Prosper

Whether you’ve followed MAF from the beginning or are new to the program, reviewing or checking out these 10 articles can help you on your way to better health and fitness.