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Aerobic Exercise


What is the MAF Test?

An objective measure of aerobic progress and an early-warning test for potential training problems. Among the important benefits of using a heart monitor is the ability to objectively measure your…

The New Aerobic Revolution

Your wish list includes ridding the body of excess fat and losing weight, getting strong with unlimited energy, and improving sports performance while getting healthier—it’s about time. JB came to…

Lactate: Update

Until recently, lactate in the blood from lactic acid from the muscles was thought of as a waste product that caused fatigue and muscle soreness. A revolution has occurred in…

The Balance Game

Strength and endurance are cornerstones of human health and fitness; any imbalance prevents us from reaching optimal human potential. Today’s humans, just like our ancestors millions of years ago, are…
Dr. Phil Maffetone
April 30, 2015