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We need your MAF Test Results!

To all MAF Community Members:

Would you like contribute to an exciting new wave of research on aerobic training? In the weeks to come we will be compiling research data on heart rate and other components of the MAF Method.

We are reaching out to people who have tracked their MAF Test scores for six or more months (that’s six or more tests), and are willing to share their data with us. If this describes you, please send your data, preferably in an Excel, CSV, or other spreadsheet format to my research assistant, Ivan Rivera, at:

By sending us your data, you’ll be contributing greatly to new research underpinning the MAF Method, the aerobic system and related topics. This will help us bring more attention to the MAF Method, as well as the performance and health benefits of aerobic training.

Questions, comments and concerns about data collection and usage can be directed to the address above.

Many thanks,

Dr. Phil Maffetone and the rest of the MAF Team