We need your MAF Test Results!

By April 5, 2016 December 9th, 2016 Athletic Performance

To all MAF Community Members:

Would you like contribute to an exciting new wave of research on aerobic training? In the weeks to come we will be compiling research data on heart rate and other components of the MAF Method.

We are reaching out to people who have tracked their MAF Test scores for six or more months (that’s six or more tests), and are willing to share their data with us. If this describes you, please send your data, preferably in an Excel, CSV, or other spreadsheet format to my research assistant, Ivan Rivera, at: ivan@philmaffetone.com.

By sending us your data, you’ll be contributing greatly to new research underpinning the MAF Method, the aerobic system and related topics. This will help us bring more attention to the MAF Method, as well as the performance and health benefits of aerobic training.

Questions, comments and concerns about data collection and usage can be directed to the address above.

Many thanks,

Dr. Phil Maffetone and the rest of the MAF Team


  • GC61 says:

    Have been doing MAF training for almost 2 months now. Are you still collecting results?

  • Robert Sloboda says:

    Happy to help out with any study, just provide me with an Android app for data collection. There are more runners using Android than iOS. Alternatively, just write a pure browser app, HTML 5.x.


  • BG says:

    Happy to help out.
    Been LCHF for about 4 months and only started training the MAF 180 for about two months.
    Actually have seen only a slight increase in speed at the 180 minus pace – I’m finding it difficult to run so slow (and walk up hills), also I do note that the temperature has big bearing on pace (ie the cooler the weather the quicker I am at MAF)

  • Aristotle says:

    I will be glad to submit my test results to this website.
    I have been doing the MAF method since December of 2015 and have noticed an improvement in my time while in an aerobic threshold training run. Can you recommend a published study that will show that one’s aerobic threshold number is higher if that person is on a ketogenic diet? For instance my number is 130 heart beats per minute. This is 180 minus my age of 55 plus 5 for being well trained plus in good health. Are there any studies that will show that someone like me can increase my number to 135 or 140? I know there are a lot of people speculating about this but I would like to see some research.



    • Dr. Phil says:

      Thanks, Aristotle. There are no published studies yet that show one can raise their MAF HR because their fat burning is higher and or they are in ketosis. Instead, increased fat oxidation will allow one to go faster at the same MAF HR. I have seen too many people whose MAF Tests plateau (or worsen) when they raise their training HR thinking this can be done. More to come as we collect more data.

  • Markus says:

    Hi Ivan,

    great work and good luck with your project. I used to do traditional MAF-
    Tests but since the emerge of Strava I simply use certain out-and-back segments regularly. It also puts the average HR right next to each finished segments and gives me a time line where I can clearly see the average speed creeping up over time. I am not sure how I can get that into Excel format or something you could use (except manually). The data also has to be screened and cleared of rides on that segment which I did slower than MAF-HR and faster. And since I only use a Strava compatible HR monitor since February 2016 I only have data going back 2 months. I only mentioned it as it might be a useful tool for people to collect MAF-data more easily for future research.

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