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New Fat-Burning Coffee Menu

By June 4, 2018April 15th, 2020Lifestyle & Stress, Nutrition
In Coffee We Trust

People like asking about my coffee habits. When I was about 12 years old, I got my first taste of butter mixed with coffee — a family ordeal of junk-food buttered rolls dipped in morning brew. Later, after giving up junk food, the butter-coffee combo remained in my brain. I would ultimately use crème de crème — the top of the cream from raw Jersey-cow milk — what I call “very heavy” cream, and, when not available, organic butter. The fat-burning coffee menu rises with me in the morning.

The best coffee starts with organic beans ground fine. I make a strong espresso brew made with a French press, an Italian percolator, or sometimes, as shown in my video, a German expresso maker. It’s the best cappuccino imaginable — beyond bullet-proof — it’s breakfast. I usually prepare the Full Fat-Burner, the not-so-secret recipe for slimming and a better brain. Read my article on the science of fat-burning coffee.

Dr. Phil’s Fat-Burning Coffee: a healthy way to start the day!