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In Coffee We Trust

People like asking about my coffee habits. When I was about 12 years old, I got my first taste of butter mixed with coffee — a family ordeal of junk-food buttered rolls dipped in morning brew. Later, after giving up junk food, the butter-coffee combo remained in my brain. I would ultimately use crème de crème — the top of the cream from raw Jersey-cow milk — what I call “very heavy” cream, and, when not available, organic butter. The fat-burning coffee menu rises with me in the morning.

The best coffee starts with organic beans ground fine. I make a strong espresso brew made with a French press, an Italian percolator, or sometimes, as shown in my video, a German expresso maker. It’s the best cappuccino imaginable — beyond bullet-proof — it’s breakfast. I usually prepare the Full Fat-Burner, the not-so-secret recipe for slimming and a better brain. Read my article on the science of fat-burning coffee.

Dr. Phil’s Fat-Burning Coffee: a healthy way to start the day!


  • Chelsea says:

    Hi there,

    I have found that using ghee butter instead of coconut oil seems to be a little easier on my digestive system. Is there a downside to using ghee butter over coconut oil? Is there a specific nutritional reason you prefer to use coconut oil over ghee (or unsalted) butter?

    Thank you!

  • Darren Russinger says:

    How in the hell does adding fat (heavy cream & butter) help you burn fat?

    • Hi Darren,

      There’s a lot to this but the simple answer is that eating fat in the absence of sugar helps the body feel full via a hormone called leptin (which increases fat-burning) and reduces the activity of insulin (which itself reduces leptin in the body and increases sugar-burning). So more leptin means less insulin means more fat-burning.

  • Dr. Phil says:

    Here’s what I do with my eggs:

    I place a dozen or so in a pot and cover with cold water and a lid, and put on the stove (high heat) for about 5 minutes. Then pour off the hot and replace with cold water for about 5 minutes so they don’t cook, then keep them in the refrigerator. I use them this way for the coffee recipe and for smoothies.

    • G says:

      Hi Dr. Phil,
      Cooking the egg – or what looks like more of a heat exposure than full cooking – Does this change the chemistry of the protein for better absorption?
      The egg in your video looks more raw than cooked is why I use the term ‘heat exposure’. In short, why cook the egg?

      How does this coffee beverage help lose weight? Is it Keto?

      Thank you!

  • Kev says:

    Can you tell me how long you cook the egg for?

  • Pawl says:

    Thanks, Phil! Curious about the lightly soft-boiled egg, since the video didn’t describe this in any detail.

  • Chantal says:

    This video is so cool, thanks so much. What do you mean by “very soft boiled” egg ? a minute of boiling ?

  • AbdulRaheem McLagan says:

    Hello! I have been turning to Dr. Phil’s Bulletproof coffee (the Double Fat-Burner above) during finals week when I have to write a lot the last couple of years whole finishing up a second Bachelor’s degree. I know how to add a whopping tbsp of butter, I know how to add a tbsp of coconut oil (and man does this stuff work), but could you please tell me how to prepare the Full Fat-Burner coffee with the whole egg mentioned above? A quick step-by-step on how to prepare that for a coffee newb like me would be greatly appreciated. (I know this is blasphemy, but I have been using…wait for it…instant coffee to prepare mine. Please don’t excommunicate me!)

  • Mike says:

    I love the full fat burner coffee, but my cholesterol is high and my doctor wants me to get it down – with medication if necessary. I would appreciate any thoughts you have about a high fat diet (including coffee with heavy cream, coconut oil, and whole egg) and high cholesterol. Last 2 readings were: overall-239, ldl-135, hdl-94, tri-48 and overall-215, ldl-115, hdl-86, tri-48.

    • Chrestina says:

      You need to read up on cholesterol in Cholesterol Clarity. Nothing wrong with your numbers that warrant meds.

  • Jake Olson says:

    Phil I love this, I’ve been doing something very similar. I haven’t tried with the egg, but have been putting 1 T collagen with Cream, coconut oil, cocoa butter and espresso.

    Do you do this as a meal replacement in the morning? I find that I don’t get hungry til noon if I’ve had this in the morning.

  • G1 says:

    What is the minimum recommended time to soft boil the egg? Would it be ok to microwave the egg, and what is the minimum time?

  • Reid Shaffer says:

    I don’t drink coffee because I find it messes with my digestive system. However, I find that all of these recipes (except for the cacao one) work just as well for tea. I recommend a strong breakfast tea, English or Irish, brewed at around 3 grams of loose leaf per 6 oz of water. This gives it a strong enough flavor to stand up to all of the fats that are being added.

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