Fat-Burning for the New Year

By December 27, 2016 December 28th, 2016 Exercise, Fat-Burning Journal, Nutrition

The MAF Fat-Burning Journal will help kick-start your metabolism for the New Year and beyond.

With the holiday season many people are well down the road to poor nutrition, ill health and increased fat stores. Many plan to make a resolution to go on a diet with the New Year.

But diets have notoriously high failure rates. Typically people drop weight initially then gain it all back, plus extra. By this time next year many will have gained even more body fat and be wondering what went wrong with the resolution.

Here’s a solution. This year instead of making a resolution to go on a diet use the MAF lifestyle to turn your body into a fat-burning machine and start feeling better right now. By popular demand, we’ve brought back the Fat-Burning Journal to help guide you in your quest to burn more body fat. It contains a several articles to help you get your metabolism in gear.

The MAF fat-burning plan will immediately help you shed excess body fat and excess weight, and improve your health and fitness. It will even help improve brain function so other New Year’s resolutions will be much easier.

Better yet, going on the MAF plan does not involve suffering, restricting food intake, or denying yourself the pleasures of life — we even have recipes for healthy desserts! What it does involve is making healthy (but delicious) food choices and an easy-to-stick-to exercise program.

Eating Right

Many people plan to go on a diet for the New Year. But rather than choosing between a live free or diet approach, I recommend being free of diets and other hype that abounds this time of year. If the holidays tend to shatter your eating habits, and you’re truly ready to build your health, the best place to start is with the Carbohydrate Intolerance Survey and The Two-Week Test.

Fat-Burning Exercise

Whether you’re an athlete or just starting to exercise, a proper fat-burning exercise program can help jump-start your fat-burning engine, help you lose extra fat and improve your health.

For beginners and seasoned athletes alike, exercise should be easy, simple, free and fit into your daily schedule without stress. The result: you’ll burn more body fat, get thinner, have more energy, improve overall health and slow the aging process.

This year, lose the diet and the fat too. Get with the MAF program and check out the Fat-Burning Journal. It’s a lifestyle that will bring health and fitness benefits immediately for 2017 and beyond!



  • V says:


    I try to eat healthy, which means low carb, no white flour, virtually no sugar, mostly proteins from meat, dairy and eggs and different fats. But my BF is 22,% (measured with impedance device) and does not want to drop. What do i need to do or change?

    My usual daily menu is like this:
    Morning: Bread (Dark, only rye) with butter and cheese, eggs, fresh vegetables, tea with cream.

    Lunch (eating out): usually some meat with vegetables (no seasoning) and salad (may contain sugar…), no bread. OR cottage cheese, cheese and bread

    Dinner (most varying): usually meat with salad (seasoning is with olive oil and do not contain sugar)

    Also my problem is that sometimes i have huge cravings for sweets. Not all the time but some times. And i dronk alcohol occasinally (on time a week average).

    My training routine consists usually of aerobic training. Occasionally i do bodyweight and static excercises too.

    In spring 2016 i tried the 2 week test dusring which i lost about 3kg of body mass and i have maintained the achieved weight.

    Also i am a litte bit worried about my water intake, since i dont drink water because i just donät feel thirsty.

    What should i do or change to trigger fat burning and drop my BF percentage?

    • V:

      If you don’t feel thirsty, what I would recommend is to keep a glass of water by you and remind yourself to take a sip every 20 minutes or so. That might (or might not) trigger your thirst. It’s a good way of figuring out whether you’re forgetting to drink or not.

      I’d like to direct you to this FAQ to see if it applies to you.

  • Stephen Cauchi says:


    Have read plenty on what Dr Phil recommends eating before and during a tough bout of exercise, but not so much on post-recovery eating. Any advice? I have some Greek yoghurt – is that any good?
    Regards, Steve

    • Steve:

      The best thing to eat is a balanced meal with plenty of protein and fats, lots of plant fibers, and a reasonable amount of very low-glycemic carbohydrates. After a tough bout of exercise you almost certainly blew through your blood sugar and stored glycogen. So it’s important to eat a balanced meal that includes the kind of carbohydrates that help your body slowly replenish its blood sugar but that don’t have a direct impact on blood sugar.

  • Sharon says:

    Could never get to the actual “Fat Burning Journal”. ???

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