Introducing HealthFit University

By July 31, 2018 Health and Fitness
Health Fit University

Join the new aerobic revolution at this new online resource for coaches and health and fitness enthusiasts!

The long-awaited HealthFit University website is now up and running! Health and fitness experts such as Dr. Mark Cucuzzella, Dr. Phil Maffetone, Tawnee Prazac Gibson, Ian Adamson, Jeff Vernon, Robin Desjardins, and others are now ready to bring you the best of the best in education, information, coaching certifications and continuing education credits.

HealthFit University can help you build a better, balanced, fat-burning, energized body for optimal performance. 

We teach the art and science of health and fitness. Emphasizing maximum aerobic function (MAF), we bring together coaches, health practitioners and the public to help build a better world.

HealthFit U:

  • Provides hours toward certification for coaches who specialize in areas ranging from endurance and strength, to health and corporate.
  • Offers CMEs and other continuing education credits for health practitioners.
  • Is open to anyone seeking better health and fitness, and improved human performance.

While HealthFit U is new, its founders have compiled over 100 years of clinical, coaching and lifestyle experiences.

Whether you’re a a recreational or competitive athlete, healthcare professional or fitness coach, HealthFit U can help you gain more knowledge about fat-burning, reducing and preventing injuries, balancing hormones, improving brain function and fine-turning other areas of human performance. Our educational seminars and online presence will lead the way.

Please check out our new HealthFit U website, and get access to some of our latest educational videos.


  • Julieth Sargent says:

    I am a registered Occupational Therapist. I see mention of CEU’s for Physicians and Physical Therapists, will HealthFit University meet the requirements for CEU’s for OTR’s

  • Oleksandr Manzyuk says:

    I was a bit disappointed when I looked under Training Videos/Freedom of Movement ( and found that Dr Cuccuzella recommends stretching, including the notorious wall stretch. I know that Dr Maffetone has warned in his books and on this site about the dangers of stretching. I would expect a resource like HealthFit University to present a consistent view on this topic (among many others) that all the members of the team share.

    I personally have only experienced all the drawbacks of stretching that people like Dr Maffetone and Dr Gangemi have written about.

  • Markku Lehikoinen says:

    I would definitely be interested in your university in order to learn more about health and sport issues, but, to start with, it would be nice to know, what it all would cost. I just bought Phil’s book The Big Book of Endurance Training and Racing to get started, but just one book will have certain limits and I would certainly benefit from further studies.

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