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MAF Walking

By January 19, 2021January 22nd, 2021Exercise, Health, Lifestyle & Stress

It’s a universal exercise you can turn into a unique personalized workout plan.

Want better health, added fitness, or to improve your current training, rehab, or aerobic conditioning? How can you easily and safely start or reintroduce an exercise program? It’s easy, literally, and it’s simple. Walk!

The MAF Walking plan is patterned after how the earliest humans regularly exercised. It helps us quickly burn off more body fat, slim down and lose weight, perform better physically and mentally, prevent and avoid injuries and illness, and obtain many other benefits too:

  • MAF Walking combines the metabolic benefits of fat-burning with the inherent value of effective aerobic development.
  • I’ve trained many world champion athletes in virtually all sports, and MAF Walking is one of the most important tools I’ve used — it’s also a personal favorite workout. If you have excess body fat, injuries, mental or physical fatigue, or other health and fitness problems, MAF Walking can quickly help change that. Whether complementing an existing exercise routine or starting all over, you can tailor MAF Walking to match your particular needs.
  • Walking is the universal human exercise — but only when performed effectively. It’s an ideal physical activity, and MAF — maximum aerobic function — is a key reason why. This easy aerobic fat-burning routine addresses almost all our health and fitness needs. MAF Walking is made even more powerful when we fuel our bodies with healthy food, while avoiding those that impair fat-burning.
  • MAF Walking is a great way to enhance all other exercise you might perform, as this approach is a foundation to further develop all sports. So walking can help you be a better runner and triathlete, play better soccer, tennis and golf, and improve performance in all other physical activities too.
  • MAF Walking can also help prevent and treat injuries like low back pain and other chronic conditions, and reduce the risk of illness and disease. Walking can help improve quality of life too, even help us grow younger.
  • And, MAF Walking can help you build a better brain that takes better care of your body. In fact, we literally have a walking brain. Every step we take, each muscle contraction we make, feeds back to the brain to help its function. As our heart rate gently elevates, improved circulation also nourishes the brain, bringing in more nutrients and removing waste. The effects of aging — many starting before mid-life — often cause a long, slow decline in brain function. Walking is one of the best ways to prevent this — literally slowing it down. Not only can this type of easy exercise improve the coordination between brain and body to make movements more efficient, including improved balance and gait, but virtually all other parts of the brain benefit too, including those associated with memory, cognition, social function, speech, hearing, behavior and learning.

Call it ultimate walking, the submax factor, or whatever, MAF Walking is what humans have done from the beginning — easy, fat-burning physical activity. Most importantly, you can personalize the details of a walking plan to fit your needs.

Walking as an exercise should significantly promote better aerobic function. This includes the aerobic system, which includes the slow-twitch aerobic muscle fibers that encourage easy movement and physical support during activity and rest, thereby preventing aches, pains and other injuries. Aerobic muscles also improve circulation and immunity. And, they provide a virtually unlimited amount of physical and mental energy by converting — burning — body fat day and night. Even the leanest of us has enough stored fat to endure a 1,000 mile walk.

These are all some of the goals of MAF Walking.

But sometimes we interfere with the brain and body through a lifestyle not compatible with improving aerobic development and better fat-burning.

When this happens, we don’t develop the aerobic system to its max, and we can literally develop a deficiency. I call it the aerobic deficiency syndrome, a condition accompanied by poor fat-burning that leads to fatigue, increased fat storage, hormone imbalance, brain fog, excess hunger and cravings, and other abnormal signs and symptoms, including physical injuries and pain.

More than 80 percent of the world’s population has excess body fat that impairs health and fitness, a condition called overfat. Almost all these individuals are aerobically deficient — MAF Walking could help correct the problem.

One more important point: Walking is not for wimps! Some of the top competitive athletes I’ve coached in a wide variety of sports are major-league walkers. Many have been performing MAF Walking for decades! Others are just beginning and the number of people walking to get fit is growing. In fact, the exercise world has twice the number of walkers as runners — the word is out!

Is walking better than running? For millions of people, it is! Walking may be the very best exercise for the planet as almost everyone can easily do it!

If you want to learn more, my new video course has sections that include the Walking Warmup, Recipes for Success, Walk This Way, Walking Injuries, MAF Walk Therapy, and more.

As individuals, we are in charge of our health and fitness, and MAF Walking can play a key role in that successful endeavor.

Interested in the MAF Walking Program? View the course!