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What is MAF Weight-Loss?

By November 27, 2016June 12th, 2020Exercise, Fat-Burning Journal, Health, Nutrition

Preparing your New Year’s resolution? Here’s the perfect solution: User-managed health and fitness. This enables you to jumpstart your metabolism to burn off body fat, lose weight and energize your life!

With Thanksgiving just past and the holiday season getting into full swing, many people are well down the road to seasonal poor nutrition, ill health and weight gain. Many will make a resolution to go on a diet or exercise plan with the New Year.

While weight gain is the common resolution focus, what we really mean is fat gain. Burning off excess body fat is what’s most important, and weight may change too — or not — but who cares? The goal is to be leaner, healthier and more fit.

If you’d like to burn body fat faster after this holiday season one solution is the MAF weight-loss plan — your plan — which you’ll be hearing more about over the next few weeks. This approach is simple — you manage it by addressing the cause rather than symptoms. Positive changes — increased fat burning — can begin on day one.

Better yet, the dietary modifications are not even a diet since you’ll be eating as much delicious and healthy food as you need, and the exercise plan emphasizes easy workouts instead of hard ones.

Let’s face it, most people are packing too much body fat. In fact, up to 75 percent of people on Earth may be overfat. The scale may not be helpful here. Certainly most who are classified as obese or “overweight” are overfat, but many others who are normal weight are overfat as well.

The MAF weight-loss method may work so well, it may not even result in actual weight loss since you may lose fat while gaining muscle. Even if a good amount of fat is burned off the body, only a few pounds of weight might be lost. But adding a bit of muscle, gained through better physical activity, can offset the loss of scale weight.

Being overfat means you have enough excess body fat to impair your health. 

The MAF weight-loss method works for a full spectrum of individuals, from those who are normal weight to those who are obese, from the inactive to athletes, for young and old and everyone in between.

Living this lifestyle can reduce your body fat to healthy levels. As your metabolism improves you’ll not only get slimmer, you’ll have more energy. People will ask if you’re losing weight (even if the scale says otherwise), and you may need to buy new clothes. You’ll feel younger, not be hungry, and your all-around human performance will skyrocket thanks to better brain function.

Of course, those shedding a very high amount of fat will lose significant weight — as Mona and Ben both show. Athletes who burn more fat for increased energy get faster, healthier, and require less food during competition, but don’t lose much weight.

So instead of stepping on the scale on January 1st to measure water weight, monitor body fat by measuring your waist with a tape once monthly.

The tradition of “weight-loss,” with its diets, weigh-ins, calorie-counting, etc., has been, and continues to be, a massive failure. (See The Weight-Loss Game: A spectacular failure). We used to think it was OK to gain weight during the holidays, over vacation, or during busy times of birthdays, office parties, weddings and other social events. But it’s not. The fact is, people put on more body fat when their metabolisms are not functioning well. 

In addition to healthy foods, a great aerobic engine is necessary to continue burning fat, day and night. You don’t just want to burn calories during a workout, you want to burn more fat calories. The aerobic system has slow-twitch muscle fibers with furnaces that burn a lot of fat. Building your aerobic system is best achieved by easier, rather than harder, exercise. If you’re not consistent with working out, walking may be the best place to start. For athletes, the MAF Heart Rate is a great guide.

By combining the fat-burning power of food with high quality aerobic activity, we develop maximum aerobic function — MAF. This can rev up fat-burning, reduce body fat, balance hormones, and overall improve many aspects of health and performance. You may, or may not, lose actual weight, but with the loss of body fat you’ll look and feel much better. That’s what people mean by MAF weight-loss. It’s really MAF fat-loss.

If you’re already successful using the MAF Method, you already know what I mean. If so, please forward this article to a friend — and health practitioners please share with your patients. Ladies and gents, start your fat-burning engines. Commit to being a better fat-burner by clicking the heart icon (LOVE THIS) above. And stay tuned for more help.

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