Folate Food Guidelines

Eating sufficient amounts of foods to provide adequate folate is important for everyone. This means consuming real food and avoiding junk food. This is accomplished when enough vegetables are consumed,…
Dr. Phil Maffetone
January 24, 2016
Brown Bear ExerciseNutrition

Big Bear

In nature, body fat is a valuable commodity Riding a mountain bike on animal trails through the woods is a longtime favorite workout. My trusty bike easily absorbs surprise stones…
Dr. Phil Maffetone
July 19, 2015
Girl Gone Tri ExerciseNutrition

Girl Gone Tri

Christine Schirtzinger chalks up athletic accomplishments and coaching business to two decades of MAF training. For more than two decades, Christine Schirtzinger has used the Maffetone Method to guide her…
Hal Walter
July 19, 2015