Everyone is an athlete

By December 22, 2017 December 26th, 2017 MAF Illustrated


  • Tom Eagen says:

    Great video but my problem MAY be that I’m 76 years old and a trail runner. I was out for a few months for a hip replacement and cardio stents. Been running for 14 months now, usually 6 days per week. Got a Garmin 235 for Christmas, 2018. It shows my hart rate upon rising at 50 to 55 BPM, then holds at 60. I run b/t five and six miles three days a week at a pace of about 15:30 per mile on tech trails, then a couple of days of ‘speed work’ of just 30 minutes on roads at 12:30 per mile. I do one long run of 8 to ten miles one day per week, followed by a day off. My HR averages 147 on trails, 137 on roads. Were I to use the 180 method to determine my most efficient Aerobic HR, I’d be down at 104 BPM and not be able to even jog. My watch records my max HR on most runs to be about 175 but this is a fluctuation, often momentary, not lasting even half a minute. Seems to me that 105 would mean I could not even walk any distance. What’s up?

  • Bill Dahl says:

    Outstanding video! Very positive. I love your approach of health 1st, fitness 2nd.

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