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Fat-burning for athletes and the workforce

By January 5, 2021Nutrition, Podcasts

Host Brad Kearns welcomes the dynamic duo of Dr. Ron Sinha and Dr. Phil Maffetone in a show representing the confluence of Dr. Sinha trying to prevent and cure metabolic disease among his high-tech Silicon Valley workers and Dr. Maffetone’s work in the area of fat-adapted aerobic conditioning. The key takeaway point is that almost all exercisers, from novices with metabolic syndrome to elite performers, will do better by slowing down and emphasizing aerobic development. This is the case even if you like high-intensity workouts, because aerobic conditioning establishes a fitness base that supports performance at all higher intensities.

You’ll also learn how to strategically integrate resistance exercise and explosive sprints into your schedule without suffering from the common afflictions of breakdown and burnout. These two experts are true leaders in the battle against what Dr. Maffetone calls the “global overfat pandemic.” The solution starts with igniting your fat-burning system by cutting out refined carbohydrates and building your aerobic system. Enjoy the show!