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Global cuisine and the Two-Week Test

Spinach Souffle

Personalize your eating style to work around cultural or geographical food choices

Personalizing food choices around geographical or cultural customs, tastes and philosophy is the fastest way to start reducing body fat and lower your risk of infections, chronic illness and most other health and fitness problems.

The Two-Week Test is a time-tested evaluation appropriate for all people throughout the world. It can  help individualize your nutritional needs for better health. It goes beyond a low-carb or natural foods approach. It’s not a diet, nor is it attached to an American or Western philosophy.

Some cultures do have dietary tendencies that may not be healthy. What does the rice in Japan and the Middle East, the corn tortillas in Mexico and pulses Spain, and the bread in Italy and France have in common? How about the Mediterranean diet, or a 5-Star American, UK or Australian cuisine? Not to mention the typical American fast food. Virtually all are full of junk food.

Often disguised as healthy or gourmet, traditional or not, these foods are full of refined carbohydrates, the very ones that have caused the current global overfat epidemic. (In case you missed it, over 80 percent of people have excess body fat contributing to chronic disease, physical impairment and pain, and increased risk of infection.)

The Two-Week Test is a key evaluation for all those who are carbohydrate intolerance (also called insulin resistance), which includes everyone with excess body fat (i.e., overfat). The goal of the test is to experience the feeling of lower levels of insulin and impaired blood sugar, and the many associated physical, biochemical and mental-emotional signs and symptoms.

There’s good news — virtually everyone in the world has access to natural, healthy food, weather you’re in Greece, India, Korea or Canada. Just avoid the junk.

Personalizing your lifestyle is a key feature of MAF and all its health and fitness factors, and what makes the Two-Week Test appropriate for everyone everywhere.

You don’t have to be a runner, eat red meat, or drink red wine — unless you want to. So choose your healthy food cuisine and perform the test. You can begin burning off excess fat the first day!