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My personal supplement regime

By April 28, 2020May 7th, 2020Nutrition

Developing my approach to boosting nutrition was literally an organic personal journey.

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I’ve taken dietary supplements for more than 50 years, experimenting with different types, doses, timing and combining. While I focus on getting as much nutrition out of healthy organic foods, it was also evident early on that modern diets can’t provide everything we need. As I studied the science of food ingredients and helped companies create products, I began to conceptualize my own supplements using the best of the best organic ingredients.

Among the first supplements I recall taking were fish oil and acerola powder. Fish sources of fatty acids were important to control chronic inflammation, and acerola contained naturally-occurring vitamin C with powerful phytonutrients (a term not used back then). I still take fish oil, and organic acerola is an important food source of vitamin C in MAF C. This product also contains freeze-dried broccoli sprouts and other raw foods, making it a powerful immune and aging support product. I take one or two capsules each day depending on my travel schedule and other stress, and the seasonality of fresh foods.

The B complex was a more difficult challenge as it was not realized for some time that B vitamin supplements contained inactive forms compared to vitamins found in foods. Finally, during my R&D in the 1990s it was possible to find all the natural active forms of each B vitamin.  That’s why I take the MAF B-Complex each day, with dosing based on my level of daily stress.

From the beginning, I used vitamin D in practice as so many patients required it. Back then, D supplements were not popular because it was assumed most people had adequate levels. Of course, the sun scare and a growing overfat population contributed to poor vitamin D metabolism and even more vitamin D-deficient people. To remedy this, the food sources in MAF D+K has active D3, two forms of vitamin K, and other nutrients like zinc and magnesium that help D get metabolized. I take one a day even when I’m well-tanned (indicative of good D levels) because humans require both forms—from the sun and food. Most importantly, I test my vitamin D levels to make sure it’s high and adjust my dosage accordingly.

There have been many other hard-to-find food-source supplements I’ve used over the years. The vitamin E complex is a key one most people don’t consume. Vitamin E is a complex of four tocopherols (not just alpha), plus four tocotrienols. (It’s. Important to avoid dangerously high doses of alpha tocopherol, such as 400 IU). Along with B and C, the E complex is contained in the MAF Multi, plus a wide variety of phytonutrients that help the body make its most powerful antioxidant, glutathione. I take two to three a day, depending on seasonal foods, travel and other stress, and exercise levels.

Often, I open the capsules and add the powders to my smoothie, especially the MAF Multi, and sometimes just take the caps. I also take extra B and C at a different time of day with or without food.