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Six reasons weight-loss is so darn difficult

By January 2, 2020March 24th, 2020Fat-Burning Journal
Girl Lost Weight

Success becomes an easy-to-win game when you work with the facts.

Weight-loss is easy. Most of us have done it. Still, diet lies are everywhere and each year in the U.S. alone, more than 100 million people spend $20 billion and make four to five attempts at losing weight. Most fail.

The booming, lucrative weight-loss industry is the perfect business model, maintaining most people as repeat customers unsuccessful at long-term weight-loss. They’re stuck in a vicious cycle. It’s been ongoing in developed nations, but now developing areas are on board too — annual global weight-loss industry revenues approach $275 billion.

The problem: Most people either don’t lose weight, or if they do, it’s often gained back, plus additional weight. This pattern of dieting crazes, along with insane products and services, has been so popular over the last half century one would think it was a conspiracy. After all, it brought us the overfat pandemic in which the majority of the world developed excess body fat, along with increased weight. And, because most weight-loss programs are also harmful, global health is plummeting too.

It’s all preventable and easily remedied. You can take charge by choosing a personalized fat-burning program over traditional fad dieting.

The solution: The MAF Method is unique because it helps you burn more fat calories all day and night. This makes real success relatively simple; and it’s worked for decades.

Deciding to get off the diet merry-go-round is the first requirement to move forward to reduce excess body fat and weight, get healthy and improve fitness. That’s right, it’s not just losing weight — burning body fat comes with many other wonderful benefits.

It’s important to first know why weight-loss continues to be so difficult, then it will be easier to see how it can be so successful.

Here are six reasons why popular weight-loss programs are difficult and unsuccessful:

  • One key reason people don’t easily lose weight and keep it off is that they follow cookbook diets, popular off-the-shelf programs not tailored to their needs. Preparing your weight-loss resolution again? Here’s the perfect alternative: A personalized program. This enables you to jumpstart your metabolism to burn off body fat, lose weight and energize your life! (Plus not be hungry.) 
  • Another reason weight-loss is difficult is that most people have the wrong idea. The real science of weight loss is less about weight and more about reducing excess body fat. Out with weight-watching, in with fat-burning! You’ll be able to easily monitor body fat so you don’t ever have to get on the scale.
  • Ingrained traditional myths can get in the way: about weight (fat doesn’t weigh much), calories (stop thinking it’s a calorie problem), and the fear of eating fat (among the greatest big fat lies).
  • Sugar addiction is real. Going on a diet usually means reducing fats, and eating refined carbohydrates — these quickly turn to sugar after eating, much of which is converted to stored body fat. This can trigger two common symptoms that cause people to go off their diets: sugar cravings, and hunger. Both lead to eating more sugar, and even more stored fat. Getting rid of sugar addiction — difficult the first couple of days — helps eliminate hunger and excess body fat.
  • Another myth is that burning calories through exercise is important to lose weight. This only works if your burn a lot of fat calories, which many exercises don’t do. In fact, the rates of people exercising keep rising while the prevalence of overfat does too. Yes, something is wrong — many people are burning the wrong calories! This includes runners, cyclists, those at the gym, walkers, and even those in the military. Properly monitoring your heart rate helps take the guesswork out of exercise, allowing you to burn more body fat.
  • Not sure where to start? Increased fat-burning begins the very first day! Here are two weight-loss, fat-burning methods that jumpstart metabolism, tests that help you personalize food choices to burn more fat and reduce weight, in a healthy way.

Successful fat-burning is required to lose weight and maintain it, plus improving health and getting fit. The most common side effect, though, is having to buy new clothes.

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