Dr. Phil Maffetone: Are You a Fat-Burner? How To Assess

By January 30, 2016 Podcasts


  • carol coleman says:

    My heart rate should be 127, but I just found that out today, I have been going to 140-153 for the past 3 yrs do I take it down to 127 to burn fat?

  • Marco says:

    Thanks for your answer, it’s reassuring to know that 🙂 Btw yesterday I did a two-hour workout at MAF HR and I wasn’t especially hungry after it. I guess this is good sign 🙂

  • Marco says:

    I’ve been following the MAF method for a couple of months. I do all my running workouts at MAF HR and I have a healthy HFLC diet. My MAF tests improve over months and I’m leaner than ever. Everything looks fine except that I’m still hungry after long workouts (around 1h30 and 2h).

    For example, my last 1h30 workout happened in the morning, after a breakfast where I ate two eggs with some bacon, an espresso and a Phil’s bar.

    The same happened last week-end where I had several hours of aerobic exercise. For breakfast I had two eggs, bacon and an espresso (my usual breakfast that powers me through the day without any fatigue), for lunch I had a Greek salad along with an additional egg. During the day I ate and drank: water, Phil’s bar, Phil’s shake, one apple, one clementine and a handful of nuts and seeds (I usually eat 2-3 fruits a day, like apple, clementine, orange, kiwi,… this is really my only carb intake).

    Any idea where it could come from? Maybe I need more fat? Or will hunger disappear over time by itself as I get better at burning fat?

    • Marco:

      If you feel great, are getting leaner, etc., the most likely explanation is the simplest one: you are hungry because you burned 1500-2000 calories worth of fuel.

      Even if 60% is from fats, that still leaves 40% carbohydrates to replenish (which is important, and best done by consuming a few low-glycemic carbs), and easily 1000-1500 calories worth of repairs and rebuilding that must be done. In other words, being a fat-burner doesn’t make you impervious to hunger: the body still wants to replenish (some of) its fat stores, on top of that your digestion accelerates when you exercise often, etc. Should you have arrived home wanting to gorge on sweets, chocolate, and high-glycemic fruits, I’d be telling you a very different story.

  • Ray Leslie says:

    your podcasts are enjoyable to listen to

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