Heart Rate Training and More with Dr. Phil Maffetone

By December 18, 2018 Podcasts


  • Robert Noftz says:

    In regards to heart rat training, I have been utilizing Dr. Maffetone’s approach in my training for a short time. I recently started a very low carb diet. One thing I have noticed is that my resting heart rate has gone up. Also, I can’t cover as much distance while keeping my heart rate in the MAF zone. I have only been on the diet for about 2 1/2 weeks. I thought I was getting enough salt but perhaps I have not.
    I really wanted to give the low carb and MAF training a serious effort. Is this something I should expect to change over time?

  • Neil Wood says:

    So true….I stopped running for awhile (many months) then tried to run my ‘normal’ pace and struggled. I strapped on my heart-rate monitor, slowed the pace down as Dr Maffetone suggested, and a month later my pace improved. It felt so awkward to run more slowly, but it worked and helped me train in the zone more comfortable.

    Thank you


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