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  • Bg says:

    I feel the theory is great but in practice this does not work for everyone. I trained under the MAF principles for 18 months with an actual regression in results. My max hr of 195 with a resting hr of 46 meant the 135 training rate was way too slow, and created no training effect, as by maf test results as well as marathon results. I have spoken to people for whom this works but it is not a panacea for everyone.

    • Bg:

      I suspect that many of the people for whom the MAF Method “doesn’t work” are attempting aerobic training without first creating the conditions under which it effectively takes root.

      More specifically to the issue of a training heart rate: the 180-Formula is intended to point to a person’s MAF HR (the highest point of activity without anaerobic function) in the majority of the population. While it doesn’t perfectly point to the physiological MAF HR in some people, the issue is not that some people don’t respond well to aerobic training, but rather that the 180-Formula (by virtue of being a formula and not a laboratory test) does not have the requisite characteristics to discern the aerobic heart rate of a sizable chunk of the population.

      But the combination of (a) successfully finding your physiological maximum aerobic heart rate, and (b) using MAF principles to create the conditions for aerobic training to take root engenders success in by far the majority of situations.

  • Bob says:

    Really appreciate hearing all this!

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