Mark Allen discusses his success with using the MAF Method.

By July 17, 2017 July 23rd, 2017 Podcasts


  • James Hanrahan says:

    How do I download this podcast to listen to at a later time off line

  • Scott Abraham says:

    I just started the MAF program this week. I’m 53 which puts me at 127 HR for aerobic fat burn. My slow pace is around a 9 minute mile with a HR around 140. Anaerobic?
    I plan to train around 127-132 HR which is just under a 11 min mile for my June HM. With a marathon this Sat should I adopt this now? This is my 3rd Marathon in 6 months. My road time was 3:50 I would like to be under 4 hours on Sat. My training has been sub par on this cycle with my longest run at 14 miles. And missing 1 long run. Thanks! Enjoying what you do.

    • Scott:

      Yes, it is anaerobic. Although it’s not “high-intensity training” in the HIT sense, 140 (for you) is not a heart rate you want to run most of your miles at. I recommend that you taper for the marathon, allowing for at least 1 day of complete rest before it (but preferably 2). More training at this point won’t really give your body any more adaptations. Rest and prepare.

  • Mateusz says:

    This podcast seems to be broken at the moment for some reason. Is it just me or a general issue?

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