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The incredible, edible egg

By October 18, 2018June 24th, 2020Nutrition
Boiled Eggs

Nature’s perfect food is not just for breakfast anymore. Seven reasons to eat more eggs.

If you haven’t heard, the health-scare on eggs is finally over. But it remains etched in the minds of millions of people who still instinctively reach for junk food for breakfast — like most cereals, prepared items and fast food.

Here’s a short update on eggs. My recommendations have always been the same: Eat eggs every day, as they are nearly the perfect food for humans. Of course, I’m referring to whole eggs — both the white and yolk.

To help overcome the decades-old fear of eating eggs, here are some time-saving, nutritious, delicious and other egg features, so you can reap the many nutritional benefits:

  • Eggs are delicious. Search for the best-tasting ones, which also have brightly colored yolks. In a pinch, even the not-so-great egg is delicious.
  • Eggs are nutritious. The protein and fat, especially in organic eggs from chickens fed healthy feeds, or hens you raise the same way, are unquestionably superior.
  • There are dozens or more ways to make egg dishes. Many involve cooking them in unsalted butter (then adding salt). Not only are egg dishes delicious and nutritious, but a colorful meal is pleasing too — topped with tomato, avocado slices, a dollop of sour cream, parsley and other favorite foods. Here are a few recipes:

Scrambled eggs and tomatoes

Broccoli and eggs

Curried eggs

Bacon, eggs, and vegetables

  • Eggs are great anytime: for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. They’re good hot out of the pan or cold as leftovers (like hard-boiled). Just add salt.
  • Replace unhealthy meals with egg dishes. Push aside the cereal, pancakes and waffles, and other junk food. Eat eggs instead, every day if you want.
  • Making eggs is fast — no reason to skip breakfast anymore. That most important meal of the day is often passed over, or it’s too easy to grab junk food instead. In the time it takes to stop on the way to work to buy a bagel or other junk, you could make a simple meal of eggs at home.
  • Eggs are small. One could fit in your pocket, in your mouth, on a fork. But for me, a four-egg vegetable omelet is a great breakfast.

The point is multiple egg dishes make for an exciting filling meal, especially if you top it with a tasty sauce (you may even have some in the fridge) or salsa, with added cheese, bacon or both, and, of course, spices. In addition to salt, turmeric, herbs, and sautéed onions and/or garlic. 

My healthy Phil’s Coffee can be a meal too, with all the attributes of the above. Made with a whole egg, it is delicious, nutritious, can be made various ways, is fast, and, a whole egg can help the body burn off more body fat.

Eggs are nature’s perfect food and can help us get healthier in many ways. Overcome your fear and add more to your menu today!