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The Plant-Based Burger

By November 26, 2018May 29th, 2020Nutrition

Combining organic ground beef or pork with plant foods is a recipe for easy meals and fueling optimum human performance.

As a meat-eating vegetarian, my meals are simple and sound and often include a plant-based burger.

Based on what’s best for my health and fitness, my busy day includes carefully choosing wholesome food ingredients without sacrificing anything in the way of health, taste or satisfaction. The plant-based burger combines the essentials for optimum human performance.

This combination helps keep my muscles working well (protein in particular does that along with exercise), my fat-burning energy high (encouraged by no bun), and my gut going well (all good-gut ingredients). And, it’s food for thought, helping the brain, especially when not made with low-fat meat (although other healthy fats can be added). It’s satisfying and really easy too — no recipe required.

Here’s an example: Just add fresh ground beef or pork to a variety of healthy plant foods, from acorn squash to zucchini. The right spices make it even better — today I like ginger, garlic, turmeric, cayenne, and, most importantly, sea salt.

There are numerous ways to cook the plant-based burger:

  • Traditional patties work well, make them one per serving to keep it easy (unless you’re using them on the road, where smaller is simple to handle).
  • A BIG plant-based burger is called meatloaf. I use a slow cooker as a mixing bowl and the same to cook it, and it’s easy to cut out what you want and keep the rest in the pot refrigerated. Your next meal is ready to simply warm up.
  • You can also make a plant-based burger stew by sautéing the ingredients. I prefer starting with garlic in unsalted butter, then adding the meat, followed by the rest of the vegetables and spices. Adding tomatoes can help keep it juicy. Or, sometimes I add a can of full fat coconut milk and simmer it down for a thick delicious gravy.

Make enough for leftovers, making three meals or more at once. Here’s a suggestion:

  • The first will be right out of the pan.
  • The next may be made with some melted cheese and sliced tomatoes on top.
  • The third as a wrap, cold in leaf lettuce with a bit of sour cream and mustard.

The plant-based burger in all its variations also makes great meals for the Two-Week Test. And, it’s so easy and delicious it works for any meal or snack.

Here are more variations of the basic plant-based burger:

Burger Wraps


Burger Deluxe


MAF Chili Bowl


Burger Stew


Herbal Meatballs


Butternut Ginger Beef Stew